Ten years of cooperation

Tabarkat is an Association initiated by the fulani Wodaabe of the Tadist community , in Niger. Tabarkat was founded in 2009 ; Daroussa Albade is the president of the Association. He is the only fulani from Tadist coming to France to report annually on the development of his community and during which visit he also works to raise funds through artistic events and the selling of tuareg handmade jewelry and artifacts.
The Association GOROM-RENNES-GOROM was founded in 2006 to meet the needs of tuareg and songhai communities living in Gorom-Gorom in Burkina Faso. In 2009 the meeting of GOROM-RENNES- GOROM with Daroussa was the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation.

Here is a brief overview of the accomplishments over the last 10 years :
1- The school for the children of Tadist
From 2010 to 2013 , 30 Children were schooled each year.
In 2013 , GOROM-RENNES-GOROM , financed the building of a classroom with cylinderblocks , to replace the original one in Argile which had to be rebuilt after each rainy season ; the same year separate latrines for boys and girls were built.

2- The cemented Well
The type of well was decided by Tabarkat without a pump for its simple use and also for economic considerations , seeing that the cost of the drilling with the pump would have been up to ten times more.
The financing was assured by the Breton Community , Department35 and its Region , and by the Water Agency of RENNES Metropol and this up to 30.000€.
The drilling work began on October 1st 2015 ; it was interrupted in March 2017.
In 2018 the drilling reach down to 77 meters and the water began to sip into the well at 72 meters. Those few meters left , remaining to be drilled , are especially very difficult due to the nature of the granite rock. The goal is to reach the Ground Water level in order to get a better water flow.

3- The Boarding School , for the preparation to go to Junior High School.
In 2015 , the Association GOROM-RENNES-GOROM obtained the sum of 6300€ through Participative Financing (ULULLE) ; it enabled TABARKAT to purchase land to build a Boarding School in Tchintabaraden. It has became ever since the place where the Primary School children from Tadist can now pursue their schooling.
The Boarding School can now accommodate 15 students and be used as a Welcome Center for their families. Especially on Sundays being market day in Tchintabaraden.
The improvements made in the last 3 years are:
Accommodation of the living space so boys and girls could have their own quarters.
The building of latrines.
A library,
The connecting of the Boarding School to the city water systems And most recently the construction of an enclosure with cylinderblocks .
The financing of the works inside the Boarding School was provided by the city of RENNES as for also the solar panels , then by Water Agencies of Rennes Metropole and LOIRE BRETAGNE as for the access to drinkable water and by GOROM-RENNES-GOROM ‘s own funds for the enclosure.